Move anywhere in the world is something usual for our technicians and operators, always ready to travel. We have completed, and currently attend assemblies and installations carried on all five continents.

Among the many destinations and refefence points, we can mention: China, Myanmar, Cuba, Ecuador, Chile, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, France, United Kingdom, United States, Puerto Rico, and several others.

Solutions since 1969

For over four decades we have offered solutions.

The enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff is renewed day by day to place Inyser among the best companies in the sector.

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About our clients

  • There are many brands we worked for. We understand that customer satisfaction has allowed us to get here.

  • We have quality control systems designed to ensure full functionality and security in order to achieve the highest recognition from our customers.

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Our services

  • Design and manufacture of cabinets
  • General industrial electrical installations
  • Instrumentation installations
  • Industrial lighting installations
  • Industrial software design
  • Process control with SCADA systems
  • Host-Server solutions and production management
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